During my three-month internship at AMARA, in addition with my daily tasks, I’ve been asked to come up with original ideas for an event in one of its many stores, EASTSIDE. This task was very fun and interesting for me because I could say and do what I wanted to do, but I also represent their target customer. 


    Firstly, I had to look for trends that might interest my generation, men and women between 20 and 30 years old. After a brainstorm, I came up with some ideas for possible events, from tattooing leather goods to a very 1990/2000 atmosphere, because I noticed some kind of nostalgia from my generation towards Pokemon, GameBoy color, taking care of our Tamagoshi listening to Britney Spears and/or the SpiceGirls. 


    However, we choose another idea of mine, Vans shoes customization by stencils. Mixing pop culture, street art and rock, it fitted the store like a glove. This atmosphere had been highlighted by a fake tattoo bar, for those who wait their brand new Vans.


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