Father & Sons

    To validate my Bachelor’s degree, I had to do a 6 months internship. After sending a few curriculum vitae, I choose to go to Father & Sons, in their design office. 

    During these several months I had to do style researches, fabrics, colors, and also design clothes and accessories such as polos for the spring-summer 2019, or even socks. 

    I also work with their B to B section, designing uniforms for Alain Ducasse’s restaurant,  Le Meurice, or even Mercedes-Benz for an open-air event. 

    During this time, I’ve been lucky to not only see the autumn-winter 2018 photoshoot, but also participate, assist and prepare it. I have to take care of the styling, being the only one representing the design office during these three days shoot. I had to think fast, listen, adapt, and be careful to any detail to make this photoshoot harmonious and a success.

    I gained a lot from this, both in terms of professional and personal experience. Indeed, I am now ready to take on different challenges, and also know my work abilities and skills. 

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