Irony and criticism of society, these are my engines for imagining and creating clothes. This collection, called WE THE PEOPLE, (which is the first three words of the American Constitution), is a response to the news of the United States of America. When I attack a subject that deals with news, I am not only in the shoes of the designer, but also in that of a pseudo amateur journalist, while having the freedom not to remain neutral.


This collection will seek codes in the popular landscape, to reinterpret and divert them. During the US political elections, we were able to see the slogan "Make America Great Again", which was a pleasure to divert in order to give declinations on the collection such as "Make Nasdaq Madoff Again" or "Make Gotham Great Again" .

For the women's model, we can see, from American-colored sequins, "Mickey Kill Me". I chose to put one of the world's most notorious and respected icons into trouble, the unreal Mickey Mouse. This is a small parallel with the famous murder in France of Mrs. Marchal, not omitting his famous misspelling.

While the man model, sports the inscription "12 000 000 000 $$$", a wink to the legendary wall that the current president intends to erect. All in the typographic spirit of sports jerseys.

©Victor Hohl